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Kala Narayanan

Kala Narayanan-President ICWF

My Journey

Kala Narayanan

President of Eurojets (Canada) Inc.

Phone 9055659299

Email: kala9669@yahoo.com  

Cell: 905- 677-7000                                                                          


 Kala Narayanan is the owner and president of EUROJETS(Canada)Inc and managing her business efficiently for the past 25 years. She has a degree in Bachelor of Science from India. Started her career in State Bank of India in the year 1983 and having completed 14 years in the service, moved to Canada in 1997. Though it was a challenge to move from being in a job to a business of which had no idea. But did take the challenge and then there has been no looking back.


Kala is Diligent, self-directed, adaptable, confident, reliable and motivated domestic and international travel agent with a very good eye for detail and ability to work effectively under pressure. Excellent Microsoft problem solving and team working skills with proven ability to work closely in the client-servicing sector having a financial background. Expert in making successful negotiations setting an achievable vision for events and tour planning. An expert in social networking and client relationship management in the community evangelizing best practices. The job experience of taking care of clients then and continued while getting into business with the skill of being a people’s person naturally which is what helped in taking care of the business.


Has had the ability to effectively market EUROJETS through a variety of media to attract customers, including: television, newspapers, Event sponsorships, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Radio shows, and successfully built valuable customer relations with a large customer retention rate consisting of multiple high-profile and corporate clients. Providing expert advice for anything concerning travel.

After taking care of a small business, the idea of ICWF to be founded was with the idea of promoting, supporting, engaging, embracing, encouraging and empowering women in business.




  • The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)
  • Member and volunteer  2006- 2018 even as Chair  of the committee
  • Women’s initiatives to Nurture Grow & Support (WINGS) 2017 – 2022
  • Board Member 
  • Presently, I am holding the position of the President at Indo Canadian Women 


  • We are three founder members, Me , Lata Menon and Vaidehi Raut.