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Women-Architects of our society





Women who inspire us

Meet our team

ICWF is an organization created by three Board members, Kala Narayanan, Vaidehi Raut and Lata Menon.

This is a group created with Women Entrepreneurs in mind.

We are trying to provide the group an umbrella to connect and  support each other

The slogan for ICWF says it all 


The 4 E’s is what we try to follow. 

The purpose of creating the group, is to give a platform to all the ladies in business in the GTA.

Not restricting to the Indian Ethnic background but to the diverse community at large in Canada. 

This platform is a platform very strong for women and being supported by men in every 

The agenda for the group will be to have Networking events time and again, Business expo, Meet and Greet.

Bringing in successful  Women in business who can guide the ladies in the group to motivate and guide as mentors.

Their life story can definitely provide the in depth knowledge of how they have grown to the level where they are and the roller coaster ride which they went through in life and yet attained success. Success does not ever come easy.

The ICWF offers a comprehensive understanding of how women across diverse industries have navigated the ups and downs of life and still managed to achieve success. Overcoming hurdles is a challenge faced by many, but it is crucial to do so to pave the path toward achieving ultimate goals.

The Board’s sincere efforts to contribute to the community are evident from this accomplishment, which reflects the trust and faith that every member has in the organization, specifically designed with women in business in mind. By working together, we can scale new heights and shine even brighter than before, as we firmly believe that nothing is unachievable.

It is a struggle for most. To overcome the hurdles is what it is about and pave your path towards your ultimate goals.

 This is a genuine effort to give back to the community at large by the Board.

 This is truly possible because of the trust and belief which each member has for the organization created keeping women in business in mind

Together we achieve heights and will rise and shine. 

Nothing is impossible